Terms of service

Terms of service

Market Analysis Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Site Operator”) has established the following terms and conditions regarding the use of the service provided by the Site Operator, “Deal Lab” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). Please note that you must register as a member to use this site.

Article 1 Scope and changes to terms and conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of various information provided on this site operated by the site operator, including but not limited to information for members and e-mail newsletters (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). Individuals or corporations who have approved the terms and conditions, registered as members in accordance with the method specified by the site operator, and whose registration has been approved by the site operator (hereinafter referred to as “members”), and individuals or corporations who access this site directly or indirectly. (hereinafter referred to as “Accessors”) (hereinafter “Members” and “Accessors” collectively referred to as “Users”) and the site operator.

When using this service, members agree to the application of these terms without objection, and in the event that they have any objections, they will not use this site or this service.

Even if you object, if you use this site and this service, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms.

2. The site operator may add to or change these terms and conditions without obtaining the user’s prior consent in a manner determined by the site operator.

In this case, the terms of use of this site shall be based on the revised terms of use.

Such changes shall become effective upon notification by e-mail to the address previously notified to the site operator, posting on this site, or any other method deemed appropriate by the site operator.

Article 2 Membership registration and modification of its contents

1. A member is an individual or corporation who wishes to use this service, who understands and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set by the site operator, and who follows the prescribed membership registration form. , refers to a person who completes the member registration procedure by entering accurate data about himself/herself, such as a valid email address (hereinafter referred to as “ID”), any password, and name, and sending it to the site operator.

Those who wish to register as members must apply for membership registration as prescribed by the site operator.

The site operator will confirm the registration details of the person wishing to register as a member, and will complete the membership registration procedure when the member is displayed on this site.

This service cannot be used unless you agree to these terms without objection and complete the membership registration above.

Additionally, in addition to the information registered during membership registration, there may be future services that require additional information to be registered.

2. If the site operator determines that it is inappropriate for a person who wishes to register as a member to become a member, the site operator may not approve the membership registration, or may cancel the approval even after approval.

3. Members must revise the above registration data as appropriate to ensure that it always reflects accurate content.

If there are any changes to the information submitted at the time of membership registration, the member shall promptly make the changes.

Article 3 ID/Password

The member himself/herself shall be solely responsible for the management and use of the ID and password registered as a member, and the site operator shall not be responsible for any negligence in the use of the ID and password or any damage resulting from use by a third party. shall not be liable for any. Furthermore, acts such as transferring, buying, selling, or lending IDs and passwords are strictly prohibited.

Article 4 Scope of use/ownership of rights

As a general rule, members may not use copyrighted materials in any data, information, videos, texts, statements, software, etc. provided through this site and this service, unless there is special permission from the site operator or copyright holder in advance. You may use it only within the scope of private use permitted by copyright law, and you may not copy, publish, broadcast, publicly transmit, etc. beyond the scope of private use, regardless of the method. You shall not allow any third party to do this.

Article 5 How to provide information

Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, the site operator will provide information to members through postings on this site or by email to the email address provided as the member ID to the site operator at the time of membership registration. This is done through the publication of magazines, etc.

If such notice is given by posting on this site, it shall become effective from the time it is posted on this site, and if it is given by e-mail, it will be sent to the member’s e-mail address, The provision of information to the member is deemed to have been completed when the e-mail address of the member has arrived at the server that holds the member’s e-mail address.

If a member needs to contact the site operator, please do so from the contact page on this site.

As a general rule, the site operator cannot accept communications by phone, visit, or mail.

Article 6 Handling of member registration information

1. Information provided by members to the site operator at the time of membership registration, information provided in addition to member registration information by members in order to use specific services, and information regarding service usage status of all members are The information is stored in the operator’s database (hereinafter referred to as the “database”), and the rights to the database belong to the site operator.

In order to operate the database of this site and the services provided by the site operator, the member shall provide the member’s information to a third party that the site operator has obligated to appropriately manage the member information by contract etc. I agree that the site operator may entrust the sending of e-mails to members to such third party.

Personal attribute information and other information (for example, the organization to which the member belongs, which can be determined from the domain of the email address) other than information that can identify individual members (name, email address, etc., hereinafter referred to as “member information”) will be subject to statistical processing. The site operator may edit, publish, publish, sell, etc. after completing the following steps.

In addition to being used for the operation of this site and the provision of this service, the member information you provide will be used in the cases specified in the following items, or provided to third parties who are obligated to appropriately manage member information by contract etc. There may be cases where you do so.

2. The site operator shall provide members with electronic information about the site operator’s or third party’s products, services, campaigns, seminars, exhibitions, and other information that the site operator or a third party wishes to notify the member. We may use members’ personal information to provide information by means such as email distribution.

3. The site operator shall post a privacy policy stipulating the handling of members’ personal information on this site, and handle members’ personal information appropriately based on the privacy policy.

4. If a member wishes to use this service, he or she is obligated to provide member information to the site operator, and if the member does not agree to provide member information, the member agrees that he or she may not use this service.

Article 7 Use of paid services

1. If you wish to use a paid service, you shall apply by registering the necessary information using the Company’s prescribed input form or by filling out the necessary matters on the Company’s prescribed application form and submitting it to the Company. Please note that if there is a separate usage agreement other than these Terms, that will take precedence.

2. Usage fees for paid services shall be determined according to the service of each plan, and the site operator shall notify such usage fees by posting them on this site or using the application form.

3. Paid Service Users shall pay the Site Operator in a lump sum or in installments as specified separately, either by transfer to a bank account designated by the Site Operator or by credit card payment.

4. Usage fees will be charged according to the plan applied for, regardless of whether or not the paid service user uses this service.

5. Usage fees already received by the site operator shall not be refunded for any reason.

6. Paid service users may not cancel the paid service midway, regardless of the reason.

Article 8 Withdrawal

If a member wishes to withdraw from membership, he/she shall make the request by sending the registered ID to the site operator via the inquiry form on this site, and after receiving the member’s request for withdrawal, the site operator shall All registered information regarding the member concerned will be promptly deleted from the database.

However, this does not apply to information whose rights belong to the site operator pursuant to Article 4.

Article 9 Cancellation of membership status

1. If a member violates the law or commits an act that is contrary to public order and morals, or if the site operator determines that the member has violated the law, the site operator will take measures such as canceling the member’s qualifications and suspending the use of this service. shall have the right to do so.

2. In the event that a member’s actions cause damage to the site operator or a third party, the member shall bear all legal responsibilities even after membership has been cancelled, and shall not cause any inconvenience to the site operator. It is assumed that it will not be applied.

Article 10 Partial deletion and modification of registered information

If a member falls under one of the reasons listed below, the site operator may delete or modify the applicable portion of the member’s registered information without prior notice.

(1) If it is announced that the email address has been organizationally changed due to a change in the provider’s domain name or consolidation of the organization to which it belongs.

(2) If the service screen clearly states that the data will be deleted if the member does not update the data for a certain period of time.

(3) In other cases where the site operator determines that the credibility of the data is low.

Article 11 Confirmation and update of registered information

In order to keep the member’s registered information up to date, the site operator will contact the member by e-mail or other means for confirmation by the site operator or a contractor contracted by the site operator. There may be cases.

If the site operator determines that it is necessary to update the registered information during this confirmation, the site operator will update the registered information as appropriate.

If a member wishes to update their registered information, they will make the request by entering the necessary information in the prescribed form and sending it to the site operator.

After receiving a request from a member to update registered information, the site operator will promptly update the registered information regarding the member.

Article 12 Equipment etc.

Members shall prepare the communication equipment, software, etc. necessary to use this Service at their own responsibility and expense, and ensure that this Service is available for use.

Article 13 Links, etc. within this site

If this site links to other websites or resources, or if a third party provides links to other websites or resources, the site operator does not control the sites or resources. Therefore, we are not responsible for the availability of such sites or resources, or the content, advertisements, products, services, etc. contained in or made available on such sites or resources.

Additionally, if a member purchases products or services from the site, the services of the site are provided under the responsibility of the operator of the site, and therefore these Terms of Use do not apply to the linked website. Terms and conditions apply.

Therefore, the site operator is not obligated to display such information under the Specified Commercial Transactions Act, and will not display this information. Please refer to the information on the site for information on transaction entities and transaction details.

Article 14 Changes or suspension of services

The site operator may suspend, suspend, or discontinue part or all of the provision conditions, operating rules, and other contents of this service without prior notice to members or their consent. The site operator shall not be held responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused to members due to changes in the content of this service or temporary suspension, suspension, or discontinuation of the service.

Article 15 Limitation of Site Operator’s Liability

This site creates content by partially processing data from individual companies’ annual reports, 10K, securities reports, Refinitiv, Market Screener, Tracxn, analyst reports, various statistical information, etc.

Regarding web browsing and information collection using this site, the site operator is responsible for checking whether the information matches the needs of members, and whether there are any defects, errors, or obstacles in the provision of this site. Although we will make every effort to ensure the legality, accuracy, and timeliness of the information obtained, we make no guarantees.

Members are requested to use these at their own risk.

The member shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the member as a result of the member’s use of this site, or any damage or loss, etc. incurred in connection with this site (provision of this service, delay, change, interruption, cancellation, suspension, etc.) The site operator shall not be liable for any damages (including discontinuation, leakage or disappearance of information registered or provided through this service).

Article 16 Member’s liability for compensation

If a member violates these Terms and causes damage to the site operator, the member shall be responsible for compensating the site operator for all normal and special damages incurred by the site operator.

If a member causes damage to a third party through the use of the website operator’s services, the damage will be resolved at the member’s responsibility and expense, and the website operator will not be held responsible.

Article 17 Disclaimer, etc.

1. This site has been created by analyzing the latest information available at the time of creation, with the utmost care and judgment to be reliable. We make no warranties, express or implied, and assume no liability or responsibility.

2. This site is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities or investment products, nor is it professional or investment advice.

Furthermore, no one may rely on it for any purpose, and it should not be construed as investment, financial, legal, tax, or other advice of any kind.

3. The information contained on this site is not intended to be a complete description or summary of the securities, markets or developments mentioned on this site.

4. Whatever purpose the information contained in this site is used for, it should be used at the discretion and responsibility of the viewer. The site operator shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to members or third parties due to this or for any other reason related to this site.

Article 18 (Exclusion of anti-social forces)

1. Members represent and warrant that the following conditions apply.

(1) A member or user (including administrative users and users, including directors, executive officers, or similar persons of the contractor; hereinafter the same shall apply in this article) falls under each of the following items. (hereinafter referred to as “anti-social forces”), and have not been an anti-social force in the past five years.

① Boryokudan

② Organized crime group member

③ Associate member of an organized crime group

④Companies related to organized crime groups

⑤Social brokers, etc.

⑥Goro calling for social movements, etc.

⑦Grounders claiming political activities, etc.

⑧Special intelligence violent group

⑨Other persons pursuant to the preceding items

(2) The subscriber or user does not have any relationship with anti-social forces that falls under any of the following items, and has not had any such relationship in the past five years.

① Relationships where anti-social forces are recognized to be controlling management

② Relationships in which anti-social forces are recognized to be substantially involved in management

③ Relationships that are recognized as using anti-social forces, such as seeking fraudulent profits for oneself, the company, or a third party, or causing damage to a third party.

④ Relationships that are recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing benefits to anti-social forces.

⑤ Any other relationship in which an officer or other person substantially involved in management is deemed to have a socially reprehensible relationship with an antisocial force.

(3) Do not use contractors, users, or third parties to engage in any of the following acts against the site operator:

① Violent demands

② Unreasonable demands that exceed legal responsibility

③ Acts that use threatening language or violence

④ Spreading rumors, using fraudulent means or force to damage the credibility of the site operator, or disrupting the site operator’s business.

⑤ Other acts similar to the preceding items

2. If a member discovers, or there is a risk of, a violation of any of the items in the preceding paragraph, the member must immediately report the fact to the site operator.

3. If a member violates the preceding two paragraphs, the site operator may cancel this service agreement without any notification or other procedures.

Article 19 Governing law, agreed jurisdiction

The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be Japanese law.

In the event that a dispute arises between the site operator and a member in connection with this service or these Terms, the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Established on January 26, 2023