Analysis of the global market share of the sugar industry
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Analysis of the global market share of the sugar industry

The page analyzes the global market share, ranking, and market size of the sugar refining and sugar manufacturers. It also provides an overview of sugar manufacturers and their trends, including Südzucker, AB Sugar, Wilmar International, Raizen, Teleos, Mitr Phol, and DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings.

Global market share

Using the most recent available sales of the sugar manufacturers as the numerator and the market size described below as the denominator, the global market share of the sugar industry in 2020 is calculated to be Südzucker (Germany), Teleos (France), and Wilmar International (Singapore) as the number one, number two, and number three sugar manufacturers, respectively.

Sugar Manufacturer Market Share and Industry Ranking (2020)

  • No1 Südzucker 7.2%
  • No2 Teleos 6.6%
  • No3 Wilmar International 5.6%
  • No4 Mitr Phol 3.8%
  • No5 COFCO Sugar 3.6%
  • No6 AB Sugar 2.8%
  • No7 Crystal Union 2.4%
  • No8 Nordzucker 2.1%
  • No9 DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings 1.7%
  • No10 American Crystal Sugar Company 1.6%
  • No11 Raizen 1.0%
  • No12 Biosev 0.7%
Sugar Manufacturer Market Share and Industry Ranking (2020)
Sugar Manufacturer Market Share and Industry Ranking (2020)

The first place in the global market share ranking of the sugar manufacturers goes to the German sugar refining giant, Südzucker. In second place is France’s Tereos, a cooperative company. In third place is Indonesia’s Wilmar, and in fourth place is Thailand’s Mitr Phol, a sugar company. No. 5 is COFCO Sugar, a subsidiary of COFCO, China’s state-owned food company. No. 6 is AB Sugar, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods. No. 7 is Crystal Union, a French agricultural cooperative, and No. 10 is American Crystal Sugar Company, the largest sugar company in the United States. American Crystal Sugar Company, the largest sugar company in the United States. In Japan, DM Mitsui Sugar, the result of the merger of Mitsui Sugar and Dainippon Meiji Sugar, is ranked 9th.

Market Size

DEALLAB estimates the market size of the sugar refining and manufacturing industry to be $80 billion in 2020. The market data referred to is as follows.

According to the research firm Research and Markets, the market size of the sugar refining industry in 2018 is $75.6 billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% through 2024.
On the other hand, according to imarc Group, in terms of tonnage, the sugar refining industry will be worth 191 million tons in 2019; by country, Brazil will be the world’s largest producer, and India will be the world’s second largest producer.
In terms of tonnage, the industry will be worth 193.2 million tons in 2020.

The index of raw sugar, the raw material for sugar, is traded on the New York futures market, which allows us to judge the strength or weakness of market demand.
Chart of U.S. Sugar No. 11 Futures

How to make sugar

The types of sugar can be broadly divided into two categories. The production of sugar from sugar cane is largely a process of sugar cane → raw sugar → refined sugar. There are also maple trees and palm trees as raw materials for sugar, but there are two main types of sugar: sugar cane and sugar beets. (Source: Dainippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd.)

Overview of the major sugar manufacturers


Südzucker, founded in 1988, is a leading sugar and food company based in Germany. It is listed on the stock exchange, but a majority of its shares are held by the Sugar beet growers’ associations, an agricultural cooperative. In 2001, the company acquired Saint Louis Surce, a major French sugar producer.

Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods, with its origins in a baking company founded by Garfield Weston in 1935, is a UK-based manufacturer of food ingredients and food products. It has strengths in baking powder, yeast and food additives such as lactose. The company's tea brand, Twining's, is sold worldwide under the Royal Warrant. The fast fashion business is under the Primark brand. Sugar is sold by AB Sugar under the British Sugar brand. Enzymes are sold under the AB Enzymes brand. It manufactures and sell enzymes for baking, non-starch polysaccharides, detergents, proteases, and feeds.


Raizen is a major sugar company based in Brazil. It is a subsidiary of Cosan, a major bioethanol manufacturer in Brazil.


Tereos is a major sugar producer based in France, with its origins in the Origny cooperative, which was formed in 1932. Although a cooperative, its Brazilian subsidiary, Tereos International, is listed on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

Mitr Phol

Mitr Phol, founded in 1946 and is a major sugar company in Thailand. It is also involved in renewable power generation business. It is family owned and operated by the founder family.


Nordzucker is a major sugar producer based in Germany.

Wilmar International

Wilmar International is a plantation operating company based in Singapore. It is a global oil refining company that operates upstream palm farms, palm oil refining, trading, and providing final products. In palm oil production, it has an integrated system from upstream to downstream. The flour milling business is mainly in China. Our flour milling business, including those of our affiliates, has an annual production capacity of approximately 11 million tons. It is engaged in the flour milling business jointly with Adani in India and COFCO in China. It has an annual capacity of 41 million tons in the oil extraction business. In the sugar refining business, it acquired Sucrogen from the former Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR) in Australia to strengthen our sugar refining business. Wilmar is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, and Archer-Daniel Midland, a U.S. grain major, owns about 25% of its shares.


COFCO, established in 1949, is a state-owned food and grain trading company under the Chinese government. In 2009, COFCO's net sales were 178.2 billion yuan, and with China's growth, it is expected to grow rapidly to 471.1 billion yuan by 2020. Total assets are 560.6 billion yuan.

American Crystal Sugar Company

The American Crystal Sugar Company is a U.S.-based agricultural cooperative founded in 1899. It specializes in the production of sugar and related agricultural products.

Cristal Union

Cristal Union is a sugar refining company based in France. The company is owned by a cooperative. The company is accelerating its expansion outside the region by acquiring sugar refineries in Italy and other countries.

DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings

DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings was created in 2021 through the merger of Mitsui Sugar, a subsidiary of Mitsui&Co, and Dainippon Meiji Sugar, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.


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