Global market share and industry ranking analysis of home security and guard service companies
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Global market share and industry ranking analysis of home security and guard service companies

The page analyzes the global market share, industry ranking and market size of the home security and guarding industry. It also provides an overview and trends of major security companies such as Securitas, Secom, Allied Universal, ADT, ProSegur, Garda World Security, Verisure, and SIS.

Market Share

Using the FY2020 sales of guarding companies as the numerator and the market size to be discussed later as the denominator, a simple calculation of the global market share of the guarding industry in 2020 shows that Allied Universal + G4S (a UK-US alliance) will be in first place, Securitas AB (Sweden) will be in second place, and Secom (Japan) will be in third place with 7.3%.

Global market share and industry ranking of guarding and security companies in 2020

  • No1 Allied Universal + G4S 13.6%
  • No2 Securitas 9.8%
  • No3 Secom 4.1%
  • No4 ADT 4.0%
  • No5 Prosegur 3.1%
  • No6 Garda World Security 2.9%
  • No7 Sohgo Security Services 2.5%
  • No8 Verisure 1.7%
  • No9 Vivint Smart Home 1.0%
  • No10 SIS 0.9%
Market Share of Guarding and Security Industry
Market Share of Guarding and Security Industry

The world’s No. 1 company in 2020 is Allied Universal, which acquired G4S, a British PMSC (private military and security company).
No. 2 is Securitas, which was No. 1 in 2019.
No. 3 is Japan’s Secom.
No. 4 is ADT from the U.S.
No. 5 is Spain’s Prosegur.
No. 6 is Canada’s Garda, and seventh place goes to Japan’s Sohgo Security Services.

Market Size

DEALLAB puts the market size of the security industry at $132 billion in 2020. The data used for reference is as follows.

According to the security services company Securitas, the market size of the industry in 2020 is $132 billion ($36 billion in Europe, $37 billion in Asia, $32 billion in North America, $15 billion in South America, and $12 billion in the Middle East and Africa).
According to research firm Statista, the market was worth $134 billion in 2019 ($36 billion in Europe, $36 billion in Asia (excluding Japan), $31 billion in North America, $12 billion in the Middle East and Africa, and $19 billion in South America).

Types of Guarding

There are four main types of guarding services: 1) building and apartment security, 2) traffic guidance, 3) security for cash trucks, etc., and 4) personal security.
(1) Building and apartment security: The person who often stands at the reception desk of a building is a security guard.
(2) Traffic guidance: Guards stand at construction sites to guide vehicles.
(3) Security for cash trucks, etc.: They attend to cash trucks used to collect ATMs from banks, etc.
(4) Personal security: so-called bodyguards.

Merger and Acquisitions

2021 Allied Universal acquires G4S
2019 Warburg Pincus acquires Allied Universal
2016 Apollo Global Management acquires ADT
2012 KKR acquires Vivint Smart Home

Overview of major guarding and home security companies

Securitas AB

Securitas is one of Sweden’s leading private security companies. The company operates in 53 countries around the world, mainly in Europe, and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX market. Key clients are mainly large sized blue chip companies.


Secom, founded in 1962 by Ryo Iida, is the leader in home security and security assurance in Japan. It is challenging whether the SECOM method will take root overseas. Asahi Security, which is strong in collection and cash security, has been acquired from Toyota Industries Corporation.

Sogo Security Services

Sogo Security Services is a security company established in 1965. Key clients are the security of financial institutions. It operates under the ALSOK brand.

ADT Corporation

ADT is the largest private security company in North America and Canada, having been acquired by Tyco International in 1997, and then by Broadview Security, a leading home security company, and Brink’s Company, a leading manufacturer of bulletproof armored vehicles. In 2016, Apollo Global Management acquired the company and merged it with Protection One, a leading U.S. private security firm that is a portfolio company of the fund.

Allied Universal

Allied Universal is a leading private security firm in North America under the umbrella of investment fund Warburg Pincus. It was formed in 2016 through the merger of AlliedBarton and Universal Services of America. It provides security guards to buildings, factories, and other facilities. It acquired US Security Associates in 2018 and G4S, a major player in the United Kingdom, in 2021.

G4S plc
G4S is a British so-called PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies), the world’s largest security company with operations in 125 countries. In 2004, it merged with Securicor, a British security company, which was acquired by Allied Universal in 2021.


Verisure is a leading security services company based in Sweden, also known as Securitas Direct. Verisure was formed by the spin-off of the home security business of Swedish security giant Securitas AB, which was acquired by PE fund Bain Capital in 2011, with Hellman & Friedman subsequently becoming the controlling shareholder.

Prosegur SA Security Company

Prosegur is a security company based in Spain, founded in 1976 by Herberto Gut. It is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint is a leading home security company in North America. The company was acquired by PE fund Blackstone Group in 2012 and went public in 2019 through a merger with a listed acquisition vehicle in which SoftBank’s Vision Fund also invested.

Garda World Security Corporation

Garda World is a leading private security company based in Canada, providing cash transfer, airport security and other services. The company was acquired by Rhône Capital in 2012 after a management buyout under Apax Partners.

Security and Intelligence Services India Limited(SIS)

SIS is a leading private security company in India. It dispatches security guards to buildings and commercial facilities. It is also involved in facility management and cash transportation services.


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