Global Market Share Analysis of Machine Tool Industry
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Global Market Share Analysis of Machine Tool Industry

This page analyzes the global market share and market size of the machine tool industry. It also provides an overview and trends of major machine tool manufacturers such as Trumpf, DMG Mori Seiki, General Technology Group, Yamazaki Mazak, Schuler, and Okuma.

Global market share of machine tool manufacturers

Using the FY2020 sales of machine tool manufacturers as the numerator and the market size of the machine tool industry as the denominator, a simple calculation of the market share of the machine tool industry in 2020 shows that Germany’s TRUMPF will be in first place with 5.45%, Japan’s DMG Mori Seiki in second with 4.01%, and China’s General Technology Group in third with 3.81%.

  • No.1 Trumpf 5.45%
  • No.2 DMG Mori 4.01%
  • No.3 General Technology Group 3.81%
  • No.4 Amada 3.06%
  • No.5 SCHULER 2.18%
  • No.6 Doosan Machine Tools 2.06%
  • No.7 JTEKT 1.57%
  • No.8 Okuma 1.51%
  • No.9 Makino 1.42%
  • No.10 Gleason Corporation 1.04%
  • No.11 Georg Fischer 1.00%
  • No.12 Hyundai WIA 0.95%
  • No.13 Chiron Group 0.69%
Global market share of machine tool manufacturers (2020)
Global market share of machine tool manufacturers (2020)

The top spot goes to DMG Mori Seiki, the result of the merger of Germany’s DMG and Mori Seiki, with Germany’s Trumpf in second place, taking over the longtime world No. 1 spot, and Amada, the largest press equipment manufacturer, in third place, with Japanese companies occupying the first and third spots.
In fourth place is China’s General Technology Group, a sponsor of machine tool giants Dalian Machine Tool, which went bankrupt in 2017, and Shenyang Machine Tool, which went bankrupt in 2019. The company is now backed by a financially strong sponsor. There is a possibility that competition with German and Japanese companies will intensify through aggressive investment in the future.
In fifth to seventh place are Okuma, Makino, and JTEKT, all of which are well-established Japanese machine tool manufacturers. In eighth place is Doosan Machine Tools, a member of the Doosan Group, a Korean conglomerate. In ninth place is Germany’s Schuler, Amada’s competitor in the press field.
In addition, Yamazaki Mazak, one of Japan’s “Four Heavenly Kings” of machine tools, is not included in this ranking because it is not listed and its sales are not disclosed.

Market size

This page uses data published by research companies and other sources to estimate the global market size of the machine tool industry at $77 billion in 2020. The data referred to is as follows. According to the research firm MarketsandMarkets, the market size of the machine tool industry in 2019 is $77 billion, and it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% to reach $98.3 billion by 2027. By 2027, the industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% to $98.3 billion, but due to the impact of Corona, it will be $65.6 billion in 2020. According to Grand View Research, the market will be worth $77.2 billion and $79.5 billion in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% by 2027.

Types of machine tools

A machine tool is a general term for a machine that removes unnecessary parts from a workpiece, mainly metal, by cutting, grinding, etc., to create the required shape. They are also called mother machines because they “make” the machines that produce machine tool products. Japanese and German manufacturers have historically been strong in this industry. Types of machine tools include press machines, sheet metal machines, electrical discharge machines, gear cutting machines, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, machining centers, lathes, grinding machines, and turning centers. Each machine has its own specialties. (For example, Amada in Japan is strong in sheet metal machines.
In addition, each machine tool has its own specialized processing role, such as turning (grinding), drilling, boring (enlarging holes), milling, grinding, gear cutting, electrical discharge machining, and laser processing. Some machine tools can even automate some of these processes.
Japanese machine tool companies are differentiating themselves from their Chinese counterparts by specializing in NC machine tools with NC devices (numerical control units) that enable automatic control by computer. Fanuc and Mitsubishi Electric have the advantage in NC devices.

Major Mergers and Acquisitions

The machine tool industry continues to undergo industrial reshufle, and Doosan Machine Tools, owned by MBK Partners, may become a key player in this reshuffle. Acquisition multiples are generally less than 1x on a sales multiple basis.

2012 ANDRITZ acquires Schuler
2015 Mori Seiki acquires Germany’s DMG
2016 MBK Partners acquires Doosan Machine Tools

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Overview of major machine tool manufacturers


Trumpf was founded in 1923 and is a major machine tool manufacturer based in Germany. Among its machine tools, sheet metal machines are its mainstay. It is privately held.

DMG Mori Seiki

DMG Mori Seiki was formed through the merger of Mori Seiki, a Japanese company that is strong in cutting machine tools such as NC lathes and machining centers, and DMG, a German machine tool giant.

General Technology Group

General Technology Group is a centrally managed state-owned enterprise under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. It has actively restructured in the fields of ultra-precision CNC machine tools and CNC systems, and has machine tool companies such as Machine Tools Group, Harbin Measuring Tools Group, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, Dalian Machine Tool and Shenyang Machine Tool under its umbrella.


ANDRITZ is a conglomerate company based in Austria. It is involved in electromechanical equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, and machine tools for pulp and paper and hydroelectric power generation. The machine tool business is operated through the acquired SCHULER.

SCHULER is the world’s leading manufacturer of press machines based in Germany. The company manufactures metal forming presses, forging presses, coin presses, and other presses. In the field of presses, demand for press forming of high-tensile steel sheets (high-tensile steel), especially for automobiles, is increasing, and the company competes with AIDA ENGINEERING and Nidec Corporation of Japan.

Doosan Machine Tools

Doosan Machine Tools is a machine tool manufacturer based in South Korea. It was a business unit of Doosan Infracore, a major construction equipment manufacturer, but was acquired by MBK Partners in 2016.


JTEKT is a manufacturer of automotive parts, but it is also involved in machine tools such as grinding machines, cutting machines, and machining centers.


Amada is a major Japanese machine tool manufacturer with a strong focus on sheet metal processing machines.


Makino is a machine tool manufacturer that specializes in machining centers.


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