Market Share of the Beverage Container Industry in Japan
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Market Share of the Beverage Container Industry in Japan

This page analyzes the market share and market size of the beverage container manufacturers in Japan. It also includes an overview of major Japanese beverage container companies such as Toyo Seikan, Daiwa Can and Universal Can.

Market share of the Japanese beverage container industry in 2020

Using the sales of the beverage container companies listed in the “Latest Ranking of Sales by Industry” as the numerator and the market size of the industry described below as the denominator, a simple calculation of Japanese beverage container industry market share in 2020 yields the following rankings.

  • No.1 Toyo Seikan 59.9%
  • No.2 Daiwa Can 12.5%
  • No.3 Universal Can 6.1%
  • No.4 Ishizuka Glass 4.3%
  • No.5 Nihon Yamamura Glass 4.2%
  • No.6 Hokkan Holdings 3.7%
  • No.7 Showa Aluminum Can 3.3%

Market size

This website uses data published by various research companies to calculate the market share of the beverage container industry, assuming a global market size of 1100 billion yen in 2020. The data used for reference is as follows. According to the research firm Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Industrial Statistics (Item Edition), the Japanese market for home appliances is estimated to be 560 billion yen in 2018. By product, PET bottles account for about 226.3 billion yen, aluminum cans about 259.5 billion yen, and glass bottles about 74.4 billion yen. The market size is shrinking due to the declining population in Japan.
The total sales of the seven beverage container manufacturers listed above are c.1023 billion yen.

Trends in major beverage container companies

Toyo Seikan

Toyo Seikan was established in 1917 as a beverage container manufacturer. The company produces everything from metal cans to PET bottles.

Daiwa Can

Daiwa Can is a beverage container manufacturer established in 1939. Its strength lies in coffee beverage cans.

Universal Can

Universal Can was established in 2005 by merging the aluminum can business divisions of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and Hokkan Holdings. The company’s strength lies in aluminum cans.

Ishizuka Glass

Ishizuka Glass is a glass bottle manufacturer based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, established in 1941.

Nihon Yamamura Glass

Nihon Yamamura Glass is a manufacturer of glass bottles and plastic containers based in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, established in 1897.

Hokkan Holdings

Hokkan Holdings is a metal can manufacturer established in Hokkaido, Japan in 1913. The group is engaged in the beverage filling and machinery manufacturing business.

Showa Aluminum Can

Showa Aluminum Can is a subsidiary of Showa Denk, which manufactured Japan’s first aluminum cans in 1969.

About Showa Denk
Showa Denko is a long-established chemical company in Japan, which acquired Hitachi Chemical in 2020 and became Showa Denko Materials Co. Showa Denko is involved in a wide range of fields, including petrochemicals, industrial gases, high-purity gases, aluminum rolling, hard disks, graphite electrodes, SiC epitaxial wafers for power semiconductors, LEDs, rare earth magnet alloys for motors, lithium-ion battery materials, ceramic products, and industrial chemicals. In the field of graphite electrodes, it acquired Sichuan Carbo from China’s Sinosteel in 2012 and the graphite electrode business from Germany’s SGL Carbon in 2016, with an annual production capacity of 210,000 tons of graphite electrodes in 2020. The company is also involved in the aluminum can business.


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